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Patricia Bossano 2020

Patricia Bossano here, managing editor at WaterBearer Press, and indie author of award-winning supernatural escapes and philosophical fantasies.

Early in 2017, a PR agency I worked with believed that having my own imprint would lend a degree of seriousness to my commitment as an independent. Heeding their advice, I acquired the Water Bearer Press domain, with this motto in mind: A personalized approach to publishing; one dream at a time. I confess that when I came up with that, it was mostly wishful thinking on my part, sort of a visualization of a desirable reality. 

It didn’t become clear to me until November 2018 that WaterBearer Press would in fact be the vehicle I was meant to use to change my world. 

There have been many brick walls and closed doors in the past years, but the open windows, the breaks in cloud cover, those have been the moments of supernatural enlightenment that propelled me, sometimes ricocheted me, from the wrong path onto the right one.

I am no longer thinking about what the publishing industry, as we know it, should become. Instead, I am formulating and executing my ideal publishing world—I am putting in all the hard work to test out my theories and make my dreams come true, one at a time, with the conviction that one day soon, I will be able to extend an invitation for other indies to join me.

Until then, pick up a book and…

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Words of Praise - Feel free to scroll through these highlights

Patricia has more than a gift with words -- she has a gift for understanding the heart of humanity and telling stories that touch the soul. As a writer, Patricia's keen use of language elevates her storytelling to pure art. Readers feel transported in time, to the days of the classics, by writers like Charlotte Bronte and Jane Austen…

Jodi Orgill Brown, Nonprofit Consultant. Professional Speaker

Mahalo, probably everyone in the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild, I read your newsletter (the snail mail copy) cover to cover. Great journalistic writing.

SDWEG Member

…In the grand tradition of The Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault, and Hans Christian Andersen, those writers whose merits splashed around the written canvass via faery-tale stories, comes Patricia Bossano’s ‘Faery Sight’.

Amazon Customer

[Cradle Gift] is a spellbinding book that I will be telling others about and recommending to everyone I know to read this wonderful hidden gem!

Amazon Customer

…Igniting my inner love of girl-power, each character [in Book 3 of the Faerie Legacy Series] is flawed, which creates an authenticity not usually seen in magical beings like faerie characters in other novels…

Barnes & Noble Customer

My goodness Patricia, don't you ever make spelling errors! LOVE what you did for my piece. LOVE this issue.

SDWEG President (2019)

Patricia Bossano has created a stunningly gorgeous fantasy … From the language [she] uses to the exquisite descriptions she fashions her writing is pure joy for any lover of fantasy stories…

Literary Titan

…Tales of the supernatural that we may know well, are spun here into an even more interesting cloth. The author Patricia Bossano, with featured writer Kelsey E. Gerard, have built respectfully on six rich tales of the other side crossing over to our own. In the midst of these reanimated ghosts is a novella so this makes [Seven Ghostly Spins] a well-rounded collection to curl up with on your commute or a long night of reading...

Goodreads Review

With its deep and detailed dive into the fairy realm, as well as its vivid, high-level vocabulary, Nahia is a complex fantasy novel that should not be missed.

Foreword Clarion Reviews

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