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Faery Sight
Faery Sight
Faery Sight
Faery Sight
Faery Sight
Faery Sight
Faery Sight

Faery Sight

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"More than a gift, FAERY SIGHT is a way of life to a human girl raised in the faerie realm. She learns the truth of her origins and finds a way to reclaim her royal identity while staying true to her faery upbringing."

At seventeen, the realm of faerie is the only world Celeste knows, and she aspires to become as close to a faery as a human may. But daunting revelations made by her dying mother knock her plans off course. Orphaned and anxious to establish where she fits in, Celeste’s convictions waver. 

Is she the human princess her mother raised her to be, or is she the human faery she longs to become? Is she to avenge the wrongs done to her parents by an evil sorceress? 

Is she to honor a betrothal she’s known nothing about? Or should she keep at the side of the true love that recently walked into her life? 

Celeste chooses to be the avenger of her parents, even if it means having to acknowledge her rightful place in the human dimension. 

Urged by the faery, Nahia, and championed by the faerie court and her true love, Celeste sets out to expose the deceitful sorceress, Arantxa. She trusts that nothing can keep her from returning to the realm of faerie, nothing that is, until the identity of her betrothed becomes known.

Winner of the Literary Titan Gold Award, Readers' Favorite Silver prize and 5-Star Award, and the League of Utah Writers' Golden Quill of Excellence award.

Author: Patricia Bossano
Cover Art: Tamra Gerard

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