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River City Widows

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“A paranormal romance that drags you across a Ouija board and straight through the thinning veil between past and present.” –Patricia Bossano 

Tasia's been sleepwalking through life after the death of her husband, but this week, that ends. This week, she will give her son a perfect birthday week. However, when Tasia's stepdaughter brings a Ouija board home, Tasia's plans get swept away as the veil between the past and present thins.

Is something hiding behind the shadows in her beloved Sacramento house? Cold spots, odd shadows, and a frightening laugh make her home uninhabitable. There's only so many days Tasia, her son, and stepdaughter can crash on the couch of hunky neighbor Derek. Can Tasia and her friends solve the secrets of the widow who owned the house before? Or will the past demand too high a price? 

Author: Theresa Halvorsen
Published by: No Bad Books Press, April 2021

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
An intimate, hair-raising read!

What can I say, Theresa Halvorsen's "River City Widows" rang a lot of supernatural bells for me.
Theresa has done a masterful job of blending facts and fiction by presenting historical and emotional landmarks and then haunting them. She lulled us into a sense of normalcy through ordinary sleep and hormonal disorders, only to pull the rug from under us to reveal the paranormal phenomena lurking underneath.
Tasia is a relatable character (we are in her mind for the duration), she is the recently widowed mother of two, living in a haunted house. The devilry in Theresa’s storytelling ability comes with Tasia’s shift into a supernatural plane; all sensation and thought related to widowhood and motherhood become gradually tainted with an unearthly force. By then the skeptical reader is long gone, or at least willing to admit there might be something to the ghostly dimension.
As for me, “River City Widows” made me feel satisfyingly validated, so thank you very much!