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Historic Tales of La Jolla

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A natural and cultural wonder: La Jolla!

The first settlers to arrive here in 1869 purchased 160 acres for two dollars and change. La Jolla attracted artists, architects, writers and scientists over the years, contributing to today's prized reputation as a valuable world-class destination. Their stories shaped the fascinating history of this seaside village. Pirates and smugglers hid out in Sunny Jim's Cave. Ellen Browning Scripps, the Godmother of La Jolla, founded institutions and recreation areas for not only La Jollans but also the rest of the world, including the famous Children's Pool and Scripps Institute of Oceanography. Theodor Geisel derived inspiration for his art from La Jolla's landscapes and people. Native La Jollan Patricia Daly-Lipe recalls the stories of these and many other people and places that have molded the village of La Jolla into a natural and cultural wonder. 

Author: Patricia Daly-Lipe

Publisher: The History Press, January 2017