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All Alone: Washington to Rome, a '60S Memoir

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Honest and Thought-Provoking 

“ALONE is an extraordinary memoir that immediately transports the reader to another time and place; a time when art and culture and ideas matter, and a place where beauty and love are natural and innocent. Patricia Daly-Lipe, in a style that is both literary and eloquent, paints a picture of Rome as seen by a young girl coming of age during the '60s and left all alone. Her bittersweet memories of the loss of her mother and a failed first love are contrasted by the unbridled joy and wonderment for life she experiences in a foreign country. ALONE is an honest and thought-provoking look into the past that offers all who read it a better understanding of themselves.” –Barbara Casey, Author

Nominated for Global eBook Awards 

Author: Patricia Daly-Lipe

Publisher: Xlibris Corp., March 2020