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Child of Mine

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A "mommy love story" is how a Utah author describes her 32 page picture book, Child of Mine. As a child, I knew my mama loved me. I saw it in her face, felt it in her touch.  However, it wasn’t until my first baby was placed in my arms that I truly understood what a mother feels. That incomprehensible, transformative rush of unstoppable love fills your heart with a joy and a sweet tenderness you never before knew existed.  It is undeniable, full of never ending promise and it changes everything.  This story is about that.

Subtitled "The never-ending promise of a mother's unstoppable love," Child of Mine tells the story of a mother and her son and how her affection continues to grow from the child's birth into adulthood.

"I really just wanted to tell my kids how much I love them; what it has always felt like to love them, Hogg says. "I wanted to help them see themselves through my eyes because when I look at them, I'm filled with wonder and joy. I wanted them to know that would never change.

Author: Sherry Hogg Wallwork
Illustrated by: Richard Watkins

Publisher: Just My Books Inc; 1st edition (2013)

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

Oh, my goodness, "Child of Mine" simply melted my heart!
Love, love, loved this book! The words and imagery beautifully capture the bond between a mother and her child, not to mention the range of emotions we experience as we watch our babies grow up.
Read this with a box of Kleenex nearby.