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Love & Homegrown Magic

Love & Homegrown Magic

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The blue moon casts a spell, 
sewn from stardust and tradition. 
Let it touch your heart, and 
Come into the enchanted garden of
Love & Homegrown Magic."

“Our choices tell the story of who we are.”
From the ashes of burned letters comes a celestial romp, spanning seven decades and two continents.
Love is the guiding force, even when Maggie, ever the planner, chooses her mind over her heart. Family comes first and she has always known her purpose is to be a guiding light to her siblings and, one day, her children. But a dash of destiny, and two loves blessed by the stars tug at Maggie’s heartstrings in a way she could never have planned for.
Wander into her magical garden, where thorns and perfumed blossoms coexist, through Love and her Homegrown Magic.

Winner of the Firebird Book Award (October 2021); Literary Titan Gold Award; Readers' Favorite 5-Star Award; Quarterfinalist, SCREENCRAFT CINEMATIC BOOK COMPETITION (2020-2021).

Author: Patricia Bossano
Cover Art by: MiblArt 
Publisher: WaterBearer Press, October 2020 


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Maria J Ribadeneira
Love it!

Couldn’t stop reading. Enjoy very much Maggie’s life and her family.

There is magic in the moonlight...

…and in lighting candles, and in trusting your intentions to a new moon that will see them manifested during the full moon. Love and Homegrown Magic covers seven decades of Maggie’s life, in which religion, superstition, and folk magic harmonize with harsh realities and the unbreakable bond between a mother and her daughters. A satisfying read that will stay with you for a while.

Simply magical!

“Love and Homegrown Magic” is an easy, delightful read. It’s filled with care and devotion to family ingrained by belief in sacrifice, hard work, and honesty. The characters are relatable and the readers can easily find themselves in any of them. The main character, Maggie, holds the torch of the story. She’s the matriarch who wields the family to achieve success amidst hardships and struggles. Her indomitable spirit is reminiscent of the pioneers in foreign lands. Her unstoppable faith and strong belief in her goal replicates the many immigrants of this country. Her vision is focused on her only goal: to succeed at all cost. It was fueled by a strong desire to see her daughters and her siblings well established in their chosen careers. Nothing is insurmountable for her.
Patricia’s literary style brims with a delicate ability to move the readers from scene to scene and to keep them captivated in anticipation for the next turn of event. She has the skill to keep them spellbound. Her choice of words is simple but poetic and romantic. Her inspiring and hopeful ending leaves the readers with a smile on their face. Love and Homegrown Magic is simply magical!

Patricia Daly-Lipe
A Journey with Maggie to love & magic

From magic and the occult to Catholicism and angels, with rhythm and reason, this philosophical fiction, LOVE & HOMEGROWN MAGIC takes the reader on the journey in the life of protagonist Maggie. From her childhood, to her first love, to her marriage and three children, to her Jardines LunaRosa and ultimately, to the angels conspiring and the reappearance of the man of her past. All this leads to a future that needs to become another book! Yes, the end came too soon. I was so immersed in Maggie’s life and the special way you tell it that another book will be welcome!

"Love & Homegrown Magic" is a gem

Patricia Bossano presents the chronology of protagonist Maggie, a strong woman whose heart is family.
The author intertwines religion, relationships, ancestral culture, and dreams throughout this beautiful story. I found myself immersed in varied emotions of exhilarating joy, unexpected disappointment, and even deep sadness.
Ms. Bossano cleverly sprinkles fantasy in “Love & Homegrown Magic,” which radiates sparkle of a true gem.
Definitely a joy to read.