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Forgotten Letters: a novel

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In 1924, eight-year-old Robert Campbell accompanies his missionary parents to Japan where he befriends a young Makiko Asakawa.
Robert enjoys his life there, but the dark tides of war are rising, and it won’t be long before foreigners are forced to leave Japan.
Torn from the people Robert has come to think of as family, He stays in contact by  exchanging letters with Makiko, letters that soon show their relationship is blossoming into something much more than friendship.
The outbreak of total war sweeps all before it, and when correspondence ends with no explanation, Robert fears the worst. He will do anything to find Makiko, even launch himself headfirst into a conflict that is consuming the world.
Turmoil and tragedy threaten his every step, but no risk is too great to prove that love conquers all.

Author: Kirk Raeber & Mario Acevedo
Honey Rock View Publishing

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
A most satisfying read

As brain candy goes, this historical fiction by Kirk Raeber is delish!
Thoroughly enjoyed Robert’s character development from a selfless boy to a heroic young man. He loves his parents, he is a loyal friend, and his beautiful heart beats steadily for his childhood sweetheart, Makiko. That love is the driving force behind his choices; it leads and supports him through the adversities he must overcome before well-deserved happiness is finally his.