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Faery Sight
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Faery Sight
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Faery Sight

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"More than a gift, FAERY SIGHT is a way of life to a human girl raised in the faerie realm. She learns the truth of her origins and finds a way to reclaim her royal identity while staying true to her faery upbringing."

At seventeen, the realm of faerie is the only world Celeste knows, and she aspires to become as close to a faery as a human may. But daunting revelations made by her dying mother knock her plans off course.

Orphaned and anxious to establish where she fits in, Celeste’s convictions waver. Is she the human princess her mother raised her to be, or is she the human faery she longs to become? Is she to avenge the wrongs done to her parents by an evil sorceress? Is she to honor a betrothal she’s known nothing about? Or should she keep at the side of the true love that recently walked into her life? 

Celeste chooses to be the avenger of her parents, even if it means having to acknowledge her rightful place in the human dimension. 

Urged by the faery, Nahia, and championed by the faerie court and her true love, Celeste sets out to expose the deceitful sorceress, Arantxa. She trusts that nothing can keep her from returning to the realm of faerie, nothing that is, until the identity of her betrothed becomes known.

Winner of the Literary Titan Gold Award, Readers' Favorite Bronze prize and 5-Star Award, and the League of Utah Writers' Golden Quill of Excellence Award.

Author: Patricia Bossano
Cover Art: Tamra Gerard 
Publisher: WaterBearer Press, October 2017 


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Book Dragon's Hoard Blog
Had some great moments

There are some elements of this book I really enjoyed. Faerie Sight is written in an abstract, somewhat dreamy, style that reminds me a lot of Spanish literature. For some reason the prose really lends itself to comparison with Gabriel Garcia Marquez or Isabel Allende. There was too much emphasis on description for my personal taste, which made the first half of the book slow-going for me, but once the plot picked up, it became very compelling and I simply loved the powerful ending Bossano has given this story. Unfortunately, I feel the biggest failing of this story is the structure, which currently reveals some key information way to early on in the novel, making several elements too predictable and taking away from the grand reveal at the end.

Dan R.
Very impressed

Every sentence felt meaningful and well-constructed and I ended up reading the second half of the book in about one day because I couldn't put it down. I'm happy I read it and feel even more excited to promote it now that I know it's so well done.

Patricia Daly-Lipe
fact or fiction

Faery Sight invites our imagination to take over. We stop questioning the reality and merge into the scene almost ready to take Celeste by the hand and help her understand her destiny. We become friends with the faeries, but hope Celeste will understand her human skills. And then we find out her destiny and how living with the faeries came about. Patricia's environmental descriptions are so beautiful, the reader can't help but feel comfortable blending with the beauty of nature. But when action comes back to the fore, we suddenly realize there is a story and so much of this story grabs on reality. Fiction becomes fact.Yes, fact because we can all equate with the emotions expressed. So many levels to this book which, for me makes it special. I just didn't want it to end..

I just finished Faery Sight and what a great read

I could not put the book down, it is a real page turner. I really enjoyed the long sentences that is somewhat out of favor for most authors. Patricia Bossano was able to describe in very vivid details the beautiful Realm of the Faery. The story was very good and kept my attention. I would most highly recommend this book, it is so well written by a very talented author. Patricia has a wonderful imagination and is able to keep the reader attention.

Enjoy a magical adventure and love story

Patricia Bossano captivates the heart with her latest book, Faery Sight. Her sumptuous use of language draws the reader into an exploration of the faery world where Celeste discovers her true identity and royal inheritance. Women of all ages will enjoy and relate to this gentle love story.

This book exemplifies for the YA readership a magical trip in finding a sense of self, along with the difficult decision as to which world to belong to. I highly recommend this book for women of all ages, but more especially for the YA world. It's truly a coming of age novel.