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Walking the Walk in 2020

We’re about half-way through the first month of a new decade and, before we go any further, I’d like to acknowledge to you my theme for 2020—it is based on a bit of wisdom I came across on social media last year:
"Don't speak negatively about yourself, not even as a joke. 
Your body doesn't know the difference.
Words are energy and cast spells, so change the way you speak about yourself
and you can change your life." —Christina Eagle*

Not only does the above resonate with my supernatural sensibilities, but it complements a declared goal to change my world, one thought at a time.
I can’t tell you how many times a week I let self-deprecating words come out of my mouth and, on a daily basis, I allow less than encouraging thoughts take up space in my mind; I’ve been living the exhausting conundrum of being consciously optimistic while subconsciously resigned to fail. Can you believe it? And the insidiousness of this affects every aspect of my being and surroundings—O futile existence!
What pernicious, subliminal labels do I give myself under the guise of being realistic? On any given day and, depending on the conscious goal I set for myself, the label varies; lazy, old, procrastinator, weak, bad genes, whatever works to sabotage the task at hand.
So, how do I fight my subconscious, and beat it? All I can think of is that I must walk the walk and talk the talk.
One thought at a time, I will strive to no longer be my own worst critic. I will shift the focus from the negative to highlight the positive. I will remind myself, every day, that happiness is wanting what one has.
I will be grateful for every new day in which everything I say, think, feel, and do gets me closer to my best self and my goals.

Until next time, and as always,
Happy Reading!
*Follow her on Instagram: @psychic.medium.Christina.Eagle

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