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“The Moon and the Water Bearer”

Disclaimer: I am writing this while under the influence of the full moon (July 16) and therefore, surrendering to its radiant clarity, its forceful drive toward completion, and its compelling outlook on creating change.

Early in 2017, the PR agency I worked with suggested that having my own imprint would lend a degree of seriousness to my commitment as an independent, so I acquired the WaterBearer Press domain, with this motto in mind: A personalized approach to publishing; one dream at a time.

When I came up with that, it was mostly wishful thinking on my part, sort of a visualization of a desirable reality. It didn’t become clear to me until November 2018 that WaterBearer Press is in fact the vehicle I am meant to use to change my world.

I’ve encountered many brick walls and closed doors in the past years, but the open windows, the breaks in cloud cover, those have been the moments of supernatural enlightenment that propelled me, sometimes ricocheted me, from the wrong path onto the right one.

So, here I am, springboarding from the three points mentioned in last month’s issue; ‘hatching of a strategy’ which have launched my team and I into a flurry of activity. We are working hard on various aspects of this endeavor, like mapping out a business model, getting WaterBearerPress.Com up and running, with a super supernatural vibe, and developing its social media presence, all while working on my latest philosophical fiction; Daughters of the Bride, which will be the fifth title to be published under the WaterBearer Press imprint!

I can’t wait to share with you a link to the new website, but as it is currently under construction, I must delay gratification. In the meantime, won’t you pick up a book and…
Happy Reading!
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