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Supernatural Trifecta: Debriefing

My first virtual event met and surpassed my most magical expectations! 
Yes, a Blue Moon coinciding with All Hallows Eve lit the auspicious path toward launching my 5th novel on October 31, 2020, but that wasn’t all! 

From the beginning of the year until that night, waves of love, light, and energy, rolled out and were sustained by the numerous people it took to make a supernatural trifecta come together as it did.

Committing the story to paper, submitting it to beta-readers, revising, editing, proof-reading, formatting, designing, printing, consulting, marketing, distributing, event planning, and producing said event! Behind-the-scenes shenanigans were an epic effort, fraught with technical and emotional challenges that I cannot, and will not, take credit for overcoming.

But now that all the anticipation and commotion are behind me, and before I can set off serenely into the future, I must acknowledge and express my overwhelming gratitude—so I raise my virtual glass—

Here’s to all of you who walked with me on the moonlit path
to Love & Homegrown Magic  
I could not have done it without you!

From beta-readers to tech volunteers, from graphic designers to panelists, from readers who pre-ordered the book to reviewers who have already shared their star-studded remarks, and everyone in between—with all my heart, I Thank You, from here to the moon!
* Thank you * Gracias * Grazie * Obrigado * Kiitos * Merci * Danke * Thank you *
Until next month, and as always,
Happy Reading!

Stay Safe & Stay Positive


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