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Something magical this way comes...

A Blusterous Blurb, an Elegant Elevator Pitch, and a Tantalizing Tagline slide into an Algorithm...
Putting together these devilish pieces is no joke, in fact, it’s downright grueling. I own that I am nowhere near having a knack for it, but what I have done is uncover the saving grace of these necessary evils! 
Developing the content of these three marketing tools, while working on a new manuscript, prompts structural improvement of the novel, streamlines conflict and its climactic resolution, and better defines the emotion you want to incite in the reader. 
A blurb’s word count should be between 100-200. An effective Tagline is 1-10 words, while an Elevator Pitch can include 50-75. 
The most difficult one to write, according to me, is the Tagline—condensing is a struggle for me. A trick I use though, is googling movie taglines. I think of a film that resembles my storyline and go from there. Tightening up a synopsis is also a good approach to writing them, in sequence, from longest to shortest. 
Considering my new release, Love & Homegrown Magic, comes out on October 31, 2020, I’m curious... what do you make of these? 

Something magical this way comes. 

“Our choices tell the story of who we are.”
From the ashes of burned letters comes a celestial romp, spanning seven decades and two continents.
Love is the guiding force, even when Maggie, ever the planner, chooses her mind over her heart.
Family comes first and she has always known her purpose is to be a guiding light to her siblings and, one day, her children. But a dash of destiny, and two loves blessed by the stars tug at Maggie’s heartstrings in a way she could never have planned for.
Wander into her magical garden, where thorns and perfumed blossoms coexist, through Love and her Homegrown Magic.

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