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Onward and Upward

Are we still basking in the rosy radiance of Valentine’s Day? I really hope that is the case, all around!
We are about 50 days into the reprising roaring 20s, and already I am overwhelmed by a sense of my sails having caught an auspicious wind—eyes fixed on the dazzling horizon!
My new book, Daughters of the Bride: love and homegrown magic, is coming along smoothly, and it's aligned to arrive with the Blue Moon.
Water Bearer Press shows heartening signs of its potential as various facets continue to develop:
  • We now have a unique digital consignment feature for indie authors, ask me about it via info@waterbearerpress.com.
  • Speaking of consignments, check out our most recent new titles and pick up your signed copies today!  
  • Conversations are underway for indie projects, besides my own, to be published under the Water Bearer Press imprint—I can see an entire indie constellation glimmering on that horizon!
Typically, during a blissful stretch of favorable happenings, collective energies begin to vibrate within the same frequency, increasing the momentum of metaphysical wellness. Everywhere I turn, people seem to share input that although it is from their individual perspective, it has a cosmic ability to encourage, inspire and illuminate shifting opportunities, just because it was stumbled upon at the right time.
Here is an apropos example of what I mean; one of the many individuals I follow on Twitter—a writer, producer, director, tweeted this perfectly aligned remark a few weeks ago:

Imagine, if you will,
if studio budgets given to countless reboots and remakes
were given to fresh original stories crafted by indie filmmakers and writers,
what a massive shift to the biz it could be.
Just think about it and pass it on
.” –Michael Matteo Rossi

Well… I'm passing it on without hesitation, because talk about shared notions circulating in the ether! and because, how else will they circle back, fully manisfested, to their collective sources?
I have fresh, original stories, published and in the works, ready for that massive shift!
Until next time, and as always,
Happy Reading!


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