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Once in a blue moon...

Folk Magic practitioners continue to thrive, from one century to the next, simply by adapting. 

Cunning folk, oracle readers, witch smellers, hoodoo conjurers, herbalists, etc., survived the Age of Enlightenment, dismissal and persecution by religious institutions, and the tides of science and technology, by revitalizing their old customs and giving them contemporary and regional spins. 

Folk Magic is, as ever, the magic of the people and as such, it lends itself to customization. My new novel, Love & Homegrown Magic, offers its own brand of folk magic.

On October 31, along with the Blue Moon, comes a budding practitioner who develops a powerful supernatural imprint to influence and protect her family.

Leaving its due to science, she tends to the soul of her people with a blend of pagan, religious, and new age practices. She models and dispenses vision, guidance, and karmic justice with levels of faith so strong that the requester need not be an active part in the process. Depending which side of her favor you are in, her power can be awe-inspiring or alarming. 

Whatever the practical or spiritual bend of a request, her magic works with the lunar phases through laughter, candles, prayer, gardening, and song. The efficacy of her magic, perfected over decades, always lies in the time, love and care she puts into every intervention.

Believe it, Folk Magic is alive and well in 2020! 
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