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It's that time again...

August brings a short and sweet newsletter as I am in a flurry of activity preparing for my annual pilgrimage to a comic convention— The countdown to FanX Salt Lake 2019 is well underway! September 5 is nearly upon us, and so is another unforgettable experience!
“…according to this Philosophical Fiction writer,
Faerie is an achievable state of being we can aspire to.
It is not some random yearning by an escapist sitting at her keyboard,
it is a tangible goal already being pursued by hundreds of rogue matriarchs 
and their legions of followers.”
Read the full article to learn why, year after year, I keep going to Comic Conventions and if, come September, you drop by my booth (#TBD) I would love to hear what brings you to FanX!
In the meantime…
Happy Reading!

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