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Gratitude is an Attitude

It went by quick, didn’t it? It’s already been a year and some change since the launch of award-winning Seven Ghostly Spins: a brush with the supernatural, on All Souls Day 2018—so happy belated birthday to my most recent supernatural escape!

Overcome as I am by the spirit this month of Thanksgiving brings, I will once again share this sentiment with you:
“It’s not happiness
that brings us gratitude.
It’s gratitude
that brings us happiness.”
— Anonymous
It is as true in 2019 as it was in 2018 when I first referenced it. You’re hereby invited to put it into practice, and let’s all jump into the attitude of gratitude virtuous circle;
gratitude stimulates happiness,
which triggers increased expressions of gratitude,
which causes bliss to swell exponentially.
So, Here’s to You, my family and friends, and the things I treasure you for:
You share your expertise, your thoughts and advice, you read my books, you show up to support me on my journey, you subscribe to and follow me, you believe in me, you share star-studded opinions about my work, which spreads the word about what I do! you sponsor and encourage me daily, you warm my heart ♥ and put a smile on my face, so…
* Thank you * Gracias * Grazie * Obrigado *
* Kiitos * Merci * Danke * Thank you *
And as always,
Happy Reading!

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