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Finding Solace in Collective Wisdom

As ever, I am finding solace in the collective wisdom of the ages.
Humanity has confronted and endured a great many calamities in recorded history, a lot of which have been of our own making. So, as plagues go, we would be fools to take our next steps without assimilating lessons learned from the past.

At present, we are up to our necks in a process of deep transformation, where half of us must confront our fear of change, while the rest of us try to restrain our longing for it, in favor of an ideal medium.
I find myself embracing this period of viral introspection, rejoicing in the evidence that others are recognizing it too; we can change the narrative, we can make wiser choices, we can build a new world.

“If you can dream it, you can achieve it.”

I’ve taken to sitting at the table with my husband for rounds of 'let's imagine a new reality.' In my wildest dreams, an Avengers-style team of fiction writers helps transform our rookie attempts; heroic and selfless, we quarantine ourselves in a think-tank to flex our world-building prowess.
We make suggestions as to what the world, post COVID19, will look like in terms of economy, politics, social interactions, spirituality, education, health care, housing, etc., because when the time comes, we will not be returning to normal.
From the ashes of what didn’t work comes a new world.
Until next time, and as always,
Happy Reading & Stay Positive!

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