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End of Year Sneak Peek

The 2019 trip around the sun is coming to a close with as festive a spirit as I could wish for.
This whirlwind year ─filled with love, adventure, and hard work, saw me;
  • trade SoCal for a new home in the North Bay (amazing)
  • marry the man I love with all my heart (we’ll be honeymooning till death do us part)
  • traipse through Utah and California with my ongoing supernatural book tour (exhilarating) 
  • draft my next philosophical fiction (as ever, daunting yet exhilarating) and…
  • collaborate with magical forces to bring you an exciting sneak peek of WaterBearer Press where we approach publishing, One Dream at a Time
WaterBearerPress.Com launches, officially, on January 1, 2020, but as a subscriber, you get to preview the site today! It is in its infant stage so, of course, I anticipate a great deal of development in the coming months—expanding our bookshelf, services, regions, and staff will be a big part of that.

For now, I would love to hear your thoughts on this means of getting autographed copies of an indie author’s work to her readers.
Will you support domestic businesses?
         Will you buy local?
                  Will you help indies sail alongside multinationals?

Boy-oh-boy do I hope you’ll say, YES, because a free supernatural escape awaits! It will whet your appetite and when you come back for more, Promo Code SNEAKPEEK will be automatically applied at checkout for 20% off your entire order, through 12/31/2019.

So here’s to a joyous, hopeful, inspiring Holiday Season for you and yours!
Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to all!
And as always,
Happy Reading!
* Thank you * Gracias * Grazie * Obrigado *
* Kiitos * Merci * Danke * Thank you *

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