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COMING SOON… In fact in just three months, YIKES!

I have completed the rough draft of my latest manuscript—ta-dah!
That’s why this newsletter is roughly fifteen days behind schedule…sigh. Anywho, I am currently up to my neck in the proofing process of said rough draft, because I have a deadline of August 5th to wrap up the beta-reader manuscript.

Yup, you guessed it—this is your official notification/request.

Would you consider being a beta reader for my new novel?
If you say yes, I will send you the advance reader copy (printed or PDF) at the appointed time, in exchange for your constructive and timely critique.
About my new book:
Love & Homegrown Magic is a philosophical fiction, part ancestral cleanse and part magical realism, in which a mother and her three daughters explore the mind-bending power of folk magic and the vibrant alchemy that produces a magical sisterhood.
Looking forward to hearing from you! 
Until next time, and as always,
Happy Reading!

Stay Safe & Stay Positive

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