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The Stars of Everywhere

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5-Stars, Just Like Watching a Film!

Musical duo and engaged couple, Josh Donovan, and Tasha Galloway return from a whirlwind promotional tour of their first album together. As soon as they arrive, their agent brings good news.
Josh has been requested to produce an album for Remy Bell, a famous, award winning pop-star – a deal worth a fortune, and shortly after, Tasha is offered a recording contract, without him. It’s a chance of a lifetime for Tasha, but a nightmare for Josh, for she will be working with his rival, Jody Woods, a music producer known for using women as toys while he turns them into stars.
Despite reservations, they accept their contracts, promising to keep their love and marriage plans alive.
Tasha is whisked away to LA and Josh to Atlanta. Before long, red flags start going up. While Josh is working hard in the studio, Tasha is frolicking on yachts for picture shoots, and half-dressed pictures of her start showing up in the tabloids.
For her part, Remy makes it obvious that she is interested in more than making records with Josh. She is nothing like the diva he had expected, and before he knows it, their close friendship becomes an emotional affair. He is not ready to throw away the love he and Tasha share, but he knows he will eventually have to make a decision he never dreamed of.

Author: Kevin Glenn 
Independently Published, April 2020