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Silence of the Stars

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A new Installment Packed with Surprises!

After ten months of trauma, it was time for the pieces to fall back together so that Josh Donovan could enjoy living life again. Despite the crushing history between him and Tasha, Josh and Remy are now deeply in love and engaged to be married. Remy’s album is at number one on the charts, her tour sold out, and things couldn’t be better.

Haunted by Tasha’s fate at the hands of the vile record producer and star-maker, Jody Woods, Remy wants to bring him down, but the stars are silent – no one except Tasha will step forward to testify against him.

Jody employs his sordid connections to come to his aid, and they will stop at nothing, not even murder, to make sure he remains the most powerful entertainment mogul in the industry.

After a failed attempt on Remy’s life, they go into hiding, pursued by a relentless enemy seeking to end their lives. When fleeing is no longer a choice, Josh draws on his imperfect past to take a stand, not only to protect them from the hands of the mafia, but to hopefully lead them to the future that they seek as a couple. 

Author: Kevin Glen 
Independently Published, May 2021