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Digital Consignment

Are you an indie author residing in the U.S.? Do you keep inventory of your books at home?

If you keep boxes in your closet, ready to spring them on unsuspecting guests, or take them to festivals and book signings at local bookstores, join the club! We get that as an independent, outside of Amazon and Barnes & Noble, those are our only outlets.

We also understand it’s not practical to attend all the local events, much less out-of-state festivals and conventions. The effort to identify suitable matches for your work, and the expense of booking such events, puts those out of reach for many of us. Which is why Water Bearer Press is pleased to offer indie authors an alternative way of distributing signed copies to your readership.

Don’t pass up on this unique opportunity to be featured on our Consignment Shelf and start showcasing your hidden gems!

For details, qualifications, and to submit your book for review, click HERE.